ONE DAY, we’ll have pop-up banks!

Published on 27/03/19

The banking world is evolving towards dematerialisation and digitalisation…but having a real point of contact has never been so crucial! The evidence is in this South African initiative which proves that branches remain valuable assets.

It’s in the box!

First National Bank (FNB), one of the first banking organisations in South Africa has developed these small banking units which are integrated into shipping containers. Easy and far less expensive to set up, these small units are easily transported and offer a convenient solution to reach rural territories in an efficient and agile way.

A pop-up bank, why not?

This type of facility has the obvious benefit, in remote areas or following a natural disaster, of helping to reboot the economy or ensure that essential serviced continue to function (liquidity, transfers, savings and credit). It can also be an effective way to win (back) clients!

From “I’m going to the bank” to “I’m in front of the bank”!

In commerce, location, and moreover, a good location, has always been a key factor to a business’s success. It’s not for nothing that retailers today look for traffic areas and are present in train stations, developing new formats and adapting their offers.

Always ready!

You’ll have understood that the idea is not just to get (back) on the customer journey, but also to be capable of offering useful solutions, in tune with their environment, their expectations and their immediate requirements.

It’s more than just service, it’s the whole experience that will make the difference in future.

An experience that flows from the physical to digital without making waves.

Photo credit: FNB