Banker and retailer

Since 22 October 2019, the BPCE Group has held a 50.1% stake in our capital alongside ELO with 49.9%.

We share strong values with BPCE, as well as a long-term vision and the desire to make a positive contribution to the society in which we live. An Auchan subsidiary since 1983, we are starting a new chapter in our history, without forgetting our roots, the driving force for our creation and growth. We now enjoy the best of both worlds: Banking & Retail. We are the only bank of our kind on the market, with a unique and unusual positioning that we are proud of!

Our creation

The start of our adventure

Our Oney adventure begins with the help of retail entrepreneurs, committed to societal progress, who have worked to make consumer goods accessible to as many people as possible. Since then, we have created payment solutions that help everyone to access the things they want or need, making sure we do our bit for the development of a fairer and more inclusive society. We are challenging the status quo through innovations in the financing and payment market, by changing consumer behaviour and codes.

Our international

The 2000s

The beginning of our chapter of growth, with new retail partners, new products and our arrival in new countries.

In just ten years, Oney went from 1 partner in 1 country to almost 100 partners in 11 countries and from 1,000 to 2,000 Talents.


We created our own bank card, an exciting first in the retail sector!


We took over the French loan business of the British online bank Egg, and set our sights on becoming a digital bank.

En route for innovation


This decade, the focus is firmly on innovation and diversification, embracing a new customer journey.

Our BtoB activity is growing, as new products and specialised subsidiaries emerge: insurance, biometrics, fraud management, data sharing, mobility.

The spirit of intrapreneurship reigns supreme at Oney!

A shared and
ongoing ambition


To accelerate and boost our growth, Oney is embarking on a period of human and digital transformation.

Our employees (or Talents, as we call them) are the lifeblood of this unique bank with a difference, placing people at the heart of decisions. Externally, our investments allow us to support our partners in all their markets, as we rise to international challenges, now and in the future.

A harmonious alliance


The arrival of BPCE into our capital with a 50.1% stake has enabled us to accelerate our growth. Our ambition is to become the European leader in split payment solutions, a European day-to-day digital bank, working ever more closely with our partners and our customers.

A conquest that is accelerating


Toujours dans le cadre de notre développement à l’international, nous avons ouvert notre activité sur le sol allemand.

Nos services sont désormais disponibles dans 11 pays européens.

Notre offre de paiement fractionné 3x4x Oney est par ailleurs leader sur 4 de ces marchés.

On the way to 2024


With the launch of our mission statement and our new positioning based on the power of choice, we have set new goals for the years to come. We want to take advantage of our digital transformation to accompany the transformation of commerce and give everyone the power to improve their daily lives and consume better.

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