This is our commitment to the power of choice.

We work to enable consumers to improve their daily lives and give them the freedom to consume better.
This involves building a bank model with strong values, driven by committed employees with a keen sense of social and environmental responsibility. As a retail transformation partner, Oney helps brands on the path to sustainability. At Oney, we are optimistic and enthusiastic: we take action for a fairer, more human and more sustainable world.


Encouraging better consumption

Enabling everyone to “consume better”

Oney’s mission as a responsible company is to give everyone the chance to take back control of their consumption and manage their budget better. Because working for a fairer, more human and more sustainable world involves making more informed purchasing decisions, we support our customers and partners and encourage them to pursue sustainability for more peace of mind in their day-to-day and in the future.

  • Targeted offers

    We have set up targeted offers with local partners to facilitate access to sustainable consumption for all. In 2022, 7% of the amounts financed via our merchant partners were in the circular economy (+45% vs 2020).
    Our Oney special sustainability personalised loan offer allows Spanish consumers to invest in sustainable products.

    Find out about our Spanish eco loan
  • Win Win Weeks

    To encourage consumers to make informed choices and shop with our responsible partners, we have created the Oney Win Win Weeks – three weeks dedicated to promoting responsible brands and raising employee and partner awareness of a key climate action area.

    Find out more about our Win Win Weeks activity
  • Promoting sustainable budget management and financial education

    Our financial expertise allows us to use regular awareness-raising initiatives to help our customers take control of their budget and to support the education of young people.


Protect the climate

Reducing our carbon footprint

One of Oney’s climate action commitments is reducing our carbon footprint, and we have chosen to align this action with the Paris Agreement. Oney has been measuring and publishing its carbon footprint since 2019 and uses it as a basis for setting its climate priorities.

  • Energy

    Our buildings’ energy consumption is a major focus of our climate policy, which has allowed us to reduce our premises’ carbon footprint by 24% since 2019.

    -39% electricity consumption in 2022 vs 2019 for our infrastructures as a whole
  • Mobility

    We have set up an eco-driving training module to help our employees adopt good work travel habits. This has helped us cut our mobility-related carbon footprint by 42% since 2019.

    -64% in 2022 vs 2019: business travel by air
  • Raising Awareness

    We inform our employees about the environment and run awareness-raising campaigns to enable them to understand and respond to climate issues.

  • Green IT

    We systematically recycle our IT equipment by donating all replaced computers to non-profit associations such as Les Clowns de l’Espoir (in 2023).

    +1 year (i.e. 4 years) vs 2019
    Increase in the life cycle of our office equipment in 2022
  • Zero Waste

    Aware and better informed, our staff engage with climate issues. In 2022, 150 Oney employees in four different countries took part in World Clean Up Day, for example. And as part of our Oney “zero waste” policy, we have introduced waste sorting and other environmentally-friendly practices such as banning disposable tableware.


Support our employees

Enabling our staff to further their career, help others and contribute to society

Supporting our employees in their careers is one of the key pillars of our HR policy. The teams in charge of training and mobility work alongside our managers to develop their know-how and soft skills over the long term. Keeping our employees employable is a priority for us. We want them to derive meaning from their work and act regularly through their profession to build a more sustainable society. We strive to provide a balanced quality of life at work and an inclusive work environment that allows each person’s talents to flourish and promotes diversity.

Proactively supporting individual careers, other people and society as a whole

Promoting a more sustainable society

Oney and its employees also engage with social issues by volunteering for and donating to numerous causes.

We organise numerous collections in the various countries that we work out of – to help Ukrainian refugees for example, or over the Christmas period. In 2022, the Portuguese volunteer group OneyCares supported the Casa do Parque nursery by offering gifts to its 14 children and young people. Our employees in France, meanwhile, can make micro-donations to non-profits by signing up for our salary rounding scheme.

Working to promote equal opportunities

As a committed bank, we support diversity in all its forms and promote gender diversity and respect for sexual orientation. We support our employees, customers and partners in a responsible and inclusive approach. We seek to create a fair work environment and company culture where everyone can realise their potential.

49.1% women managers in our European workforce in 2022

Encouraging sport
as a vehicle for well-being

At Oney, we encourage everyone to live their lives in accordance with their own choices and beliefs.

So when we get involved in sport, we take the same approach.

Practising sport at work

Practising sport requires time and money, so we support employees who wish to engage in regular physical activity – another example of our commitment to ensuring their well-being.

In France, we offer run yoga and pilates classes for our employees through the French Federation of Sport at Work (FFSE). We also encourage colleagues who jog to form groups and run together during specially allocated time slots. And we run sporting events such as the Eco jog race, co-organised with athlete Pierre-Ambroise Bosse on the occasion of World Clean Up Day 2022.

Sponsorship and patronage of professional athletes

Our passion for sport can be seen not only in our support for our everyday champions but also in our sponsorship of high-level athletes Pierre-Ambroise Bosse and Matéo Colsenet in France (through “Pacte de Performance”) and Yolanda Hopkins Sequeira and Ana Guedes in Portugal.

Find out more about our sports sponsorship

Put digital technology at the service of people

Using our digital transformation to strengthen human relationships

We are undergoing a digital transformation that we want to use to benefit the relationships we have with our employees, customers and partners. We rely on technological innovations to build this relationship of efficiency and trust, and to enable our customers to manage their everyday transactions independently. We seek to simplify and automate our main internal processes, use digital technology to cooperate and share, and enable our employees to focus on quality of relationships. Our goal is to be a relationship bank.

Customer satisfaction

Net promoter score (NPS) for products and services in France: 66


17 digital information and exchange events held for managers and employees

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