1 637 000 customers in 2019

over 400 programmes

over 30 partners

including partners from various countries and industries: Auchan, Jumbo, Alcampo, Norauto, CBP, SPB, ATM, Passway, Services assurés, Bulle Bleue, Finaxy, OMB, Téléphonie, Expert Italie, and more

Since 2008, Oney Insurance has offered insurance cover in the following business sectors:

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI)

This allows our customers to secure their loans and to be covered in the event of death, disability and/or loss of employment.

Provident Insurance

This includes all insurance policies that help our customers to protect themselves from life's little surprises, and to protect their family in the event of premature death, sick leave or, for example, disability as a result of an illness or accident.


This includes all insurance, assistance or ancillary services sold by a retailer other than the insurer and which do not represent the main reason for the customer's purchase.

Specialty Insurance

This covers rental insurance, pet insurance and excess buy-back insurance.

and responsiveness

These are the strengths of our team.

These strengths allow us to successfully develop ultra-personalised solutions and to design tailor-made insurance products. We do this by establishing a relationship of trust with our partners, in line with our vision and our ethics.

With its extensive experience, Oney Insurance is now the no. 1 partner of the group's major distributors (Auchan, Norauto, Electro Dépôt, etc.), as well as of large brokers and non-partner brands.