These are the values that unite and inspire us every single day.




"All over the world, we are looking for people who are enthusiastic about the idea of contributing with their talent and developing it for the greater good. If you see something of yourself in our values, then we have plenty of challenges to offer you. We have ambitious plans for our company… and therefore you! More than just a job, we offer everyone a role to play in making our collective ambition a reality. So what will be your role in our team?"

Building a business

with a positive impact on the world.

We are committed to putting our CSR commitment at the heart of our growth.

that brings together the talent needed for its transformation and future growth.

We ensure strategic management of jobs and skills and are strengthening our expertise in key business areas. To do this, we are constantly on the lookout for both skills and personalities.

that gives itself the means to be and to act in a rapidly changing world.

We work to develop autonomy and responsibility in our organisations, encouraging a cross-business approach, developing a culture of test and learn, being modern in our HR practices, and allowing everyone to be themselves.

in which everyone is free to make the choice to stay.

We are completely committed to improving the employability of our employees both inside and outside the group, promoting quality of life and the joy of working with an open attitude to the world.