What we believe in.

For more than 35 years, our culture of innovation, our payment expertise and our knowledge of business have enabled us to design and deploy innovative payment solutions and financial services. Alongside our retail partners, we offer a smooth and memorable customer experience. We want to reinvent the bank, making it more authentic and human, for our customers and employees, giving everyone the power to improve their daily lives and consume better.


Be yourself! That’s a great idea, but it’s not always easy to consume the way you want, in accord with your own personality and desires. Fortunately, we have an ally to help us keep this resolution: money.

By deciding how we use it, and choosing merchants and companies that are aligned with our ideas, money can become more than just purchasing power: it becomes a power of choice.

To make this happen, we need a partner that brings a different vision of financing that is more modern, more sustainable and, most of all, more humane.

At Oney, we have strived for over 35 years to help the greatest number by financing and facilitating the day-to-day purchases of millions of Europeans, and supporting them in all stages of their lives, including the mishaps.

Together, we will continue to reinvent money, with Oney’s thousands of employees – guided by our values of FREEDOM, RESPECT and ENTHUSIASM – and with our hundreds of merchant partners, our millions of customers and all those who come join us.

That is why we design new products and services that will give our customers the freedom to live in good conscience with their money, in line with their beliefs, and who, by better managing their budgets, can live worry-free the life that suits them best.

Because it’s their life, and their choice.

Oney. Your money, your way.

Understanding our mission.

A business
based on trust.

We are a bank and we are proud of it. Earning the trust of our Talents, Customers and Partners is what drives us every day. Trust brings freedom. And this freedom is what we are building every single day.

We want:

  • To empower our Talents to be themselves and to take action in complete freedom so that they can flourish and succeed every day.
  • To give our customers a fair and appropriate response so that they have the freedom to carry out their projects.
  • To support our retail partners with innovative solutions to enhance and simplify their purchasing experience.

Our Commitment

Concrete actions
in the service of our mission.

At the heart of our ambition, we develop a common desire to commit ourselves to have a positive impact on the world. This commitment is fully integrated into our business model and is supported by our talents in order to contribute to a fairer, more humane and more sustainable world.

  • We are committed in each of our countries, supporting local actions.
  • We are committed with our clients and partners.

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