Smartney, subsidiary of Oney, was created in 2018 in Poland to offer customers the possibility of borrowing in a simple and innovative way and on favourable terms, using cutting-edge technology!

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A unique offer on the market

Simple, fast and completely digital loan offers

To meet the Polish way of life, Oney offers loan solutions via "Smartney". This new structure creates a new category of lending products, at customer friendly rates. Using the latest technologies, Smartney offers simple, fast and completely digital loan offers.

Smartney offers are available online, via brokers and e-commerce platforms as a sales financing solution. The innovative Smartney technology enables Polish people to obtain consumer credit in less than 15 minutes.

Using open banking, Smartney was also able to design consolidation loan – available 100% online in fast, easy and paperless process. With a loan amount of up to PLN 60,000 and a repayment period of up to 8 years. Smartney introduced an entirely new kind of financial services to Polish market.

A wide offer

  • 24/7: online and mobile service
  • Offline: all the major brokers in Poland offer Smartney

Smartney is a dynamic start-up that successfully launched its sales on the market in just nine months from scratch: design of its back-end system, development through the design of UX, development of a risk strategy, brand design and implementation of a back-office policy. By establishing its presence in both channels: online and offline and combining it with a dynamic increase in sales, Smartney has demonstrated great potential for its business model.

Within next three years company became one of the market leaders, and was able to build entire ecosystem of technologically advanced companies thanks to which can now provide few of the most innovative products on polish financial market. With the steady growth, and new novelties yet to come perspectives for Smartney are even better.