ONE DAY, we’ll all get deliveries! (really all of us)

Published on 21/03/19

Scooters in town centres, drones in remote regions, partnerships with the post office…The battle for the last delivery kilometre is afoot and everyone is sharpening their weapons!

“Delivery for all” has a major role to play in social cohesion as catchment areas expand. A great example is Courseur.

I’m doing my shopping, why don’t I pick up yours?

Like all good ideas, the Courseur app is based on a really simple one: when you go shopping, why not pick up your neighbour’s – maybe they can’t go themselves?

Combined with an easy to use app, add a partnership with Leader Price and you have a system that has everyone hooked, both users and retailers.

So how does it work?

It couldn’t be simpler: when a customer goes shopping, they let the app know.

If a neighbour wants to take advantage, he orders and pays for the required items via the app.

The customer collects the delivery when he goes to do their own shopping. He doesn’t have to pay anything and is paid by his neighbour via the app.

A €2.50 charge + 10% of the shopping spend (the brand also pays a small fee which allows the app to sustain itself).

Even the retailer benefits!

Not only that, the retailer doesn’t need to set up its own delivery service and can reach clients potentially outside its usual catchment area! It’s an attractive idea that is set to spread…

Uberisation or not?

It’s not the first time that neighbourly goodwill has been encouraged by suppliers (think of the classified ad platforms for DIY and baby/pet sitting), but Courseur goes further with the supportive angle. The relationship here is essentially reversed, because it’s the person who’s going shopping that makes the first move, and not the person who needs a delivery. It’s not the demand that motivates the offer, but the other way around! It’s an innovative model in the galaxy of personal services on offer!

What about you – when are you getting started?

Photo credit: Courseur