ONE DAY, anti-waste will be on everyone’s tables!

Published on 05/04/19

Flashfood in the US, Too Good To Go in France…2 significant examples that demonstrate anti-waste is a major preoccupation in our countries. It’s a fundamental trend for consumers and distributers alike. Oney has thrown itself into the subject with pleasure!

1/3 of food production is wasted.

The number is staggering. And what about this one: if all food waste was a country, its emissions would make it the 3rd  biggest polluter of the planet after China and America.

These findings, which are becoming more widely known, are provoking new measures to be implemented. The most prominent is Intermarché’s campaign for “ugly fruit and veg” which, supported by the group “Gueules Cassées” (Broken Faces) and its brand for less pretty but equally tasty fruit and vegetables “Quoi ma Gueule?®” (What about my face?), has expanded to E. Leclerc, Cora and even Monoprix.

In its wake there are more apps making anti-waste measures easy, smart and trendy as well as part of social responsibility.

Get your smartphones out!

The app lets you know which supermarkets and restaurants are throwing out produce in the next few hours. Items such as breakfast pastries, sandwiches, salads and other food that can’t be sold the next day. The produce is sold from special baskets at around 30% off.

Win - win - win!

Everyone’s a winner – the consumer gets discount food and the retailer finds a way to get rid of unsold stock in a responsible way without chucking out. Above all, it’s an opportunity to become known to a new clientele and to build a reputation as ethical and responsible.

It’s good to take care of the planet!

Photo credit : Flashfood

Photo credit: Too Good to Go

Too Good to Go in key figures

Since its launch in 2016:

More than 10 millions meals saved in Europe.

3.5 millions users and

6,000 retailers in France.