For almost 40 years, Oney has beena partner of the transformation of commerce. With our thousands of partner merchants and talents, we give everyone the opportunity to improve their daily lives and consume better..


As an everyday ally of consumers, we constantly analyse their expectations and listen to them to create the most suitable payment, financing and insurance solutions. Several times a year, the European Barometer of Better Consumption decodes trends and new consumer habits.

June 2022 - Boom of the second-hand market in Europe

It is a certainty: Europeans have become attentive to responsible consumption. In this fundamental movement, the durability of products will become an essential criterion in 2022, as well as price, driven by the economic context. The second-hand market has gained 50% in popularity in one year and 1 in 2 Europeans would like to buy even more this year. To accelerate this trend, price, trust and associated services, particularly in terms of payment, are the key levers.

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April 2022 - Budget management and purchasing power

Consumers are cautious and thrifty in 2022. They are very attentive to their budget management and are looking for solutions to better control it on a daily basis. In this context, payment in instalments is gaining ground and is becoming an important budget management tool.

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Our objectives

  • Monitor trends and measure changes in the economic landscape.
  • Support consumers as they move towards new offers and new actors, explore payment alternatives and seek advice on how to make new consumption decisions in order to better manage their budget.
  • Support (e)traders in analysing and adapting their business models to meet consumer expectations.