Committing for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Paris has chosen to set an example by making the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games the “first ethical, responsible and sustainable Games” in history. These are values with which Oney fully identifies.

Because we are convinced that the innovations driven by the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games represent a golden opportunity to change the way we consume, we cannot restrict our role to that of spectator.

Inspired by their stated goals of halving their carbon footprint and promoting inclusiveness, Oney France has therefore decided to be a premium partner to the Games.

Oney and its partners,
alongside Olympic and Paralympic champions

Oney develops its partner network to encourage its customers to buy equipment, practise and watch sports.
Oney makes it possible for everyone to live their lives as they choose. Being a premium partner of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games enables Oney to help champions on the field, champions in the stands and champions watching at home to realise their sporting passions in their own way. What’s more, to empower everyone in this way Oney can rely on the support of its partners, who also share the values of Paris 2024.

Global partners

Premium partner

Official partner

Official supporter


Florence Gravellier, on the importance of being yourself.

On the occasion of Paralympic Day 2023, Florence Gravellier, French champion and Paralympic medallist in wheelchair tennis and the first French player to obtain professional status in her discipline, came to talk to Oney employees. Recalling the importance of failing to win and the influence of representations on changing mentalities, she shared her vision of a sport open to all and inclusive.

Imagine 2024

As part of the premium partnership with Paris 2024, our parent Group BPCE has put in place an ambitious internal mobilisation plan: Imagine 2024.

What is Imagine 2024?

It is a programme enabling the group’s employees to be actors in and ambassadors of these “Games for All”.

This engagement around sport is also an additional asset for the Group in attracting future candidates.

Another major development of this programme is the establishment of a collaborative platform open to all the Group’s employees.

By practising a sport and engaging personally with societal issues, employees can collect points that they can allocate to projects run by partner associations or trade in for special experiences.

Concrete actions

Encouraging employees to take part in sports of all kinds and facilitating their personal societal engagement in the areas of sustainable development, diversity or solidarity.

In 2021, the Group allocated a budget of €150,000 in donations to three solidarity projects led by Surf Insertion, Fondation Abbé Pierre and Action contre la Faim.

Imagine 2024 challenge in Tignes, May 2022

Organisation of the second edition of this challenge designed to encourage employees to practise sport.

  • Strengthen cohesion within the BPCE group, with 42 teams from highly diverse backgrounds.

  • Showcase sports featuring in the Olympic and Paralympic Games: biathlon (running and rifle shooting), visually impaired sprint, volleyball and parallel slalom.

  • At this second edition, BPCE Digital and Payments (the division to which Oney belongs) brought together employees from numerous different entities for the first time.

  • Initiate a long-term commitment dynamic with regard to the Paris 2024 project.

Practising sport at work

Getting our employees moving

Practising sports takes time and money, which is why at Oney, a proactively people-focused company, we care about the well-being of our employees and support those who wish to practise a sporting activity.

Go For 30 challenge #GoFor30

In March, we launched the #Gofor30 challenge

#Gofor30 is an employee challenge designed to encourage the practice of sport on a daily basis by organising physical activities and enabling people to share tips and pointers, while contributing to the development of quality of life at work.

We set up a Yammer sporting news community dedicated to Oney and its athletes. Employees can use the hashtag #GoFor30 to post about their physical activities.

Sports sessions

In France, every week we offer our employees in-person or online coach-supervised sports sessions (yoga, pilates, workouts, etc.), in which more than a hundred staff members take part.

Running community

We also encourage our French teams to create sports communities so that colleagues can practise sports such as running and speed walking together on a weekly basis. This group, which meets every Tuesday lunchtime, has 54 staff members from all levels.

Eco Sport Challenge

Oney France has joined forces with Pierre-Ambroise Bosse’s first Lille Eco Sport Challenge, as part of the World Clean Up Day. The company is sponsoring the corporate challenge morning, which involves a giant ecojog (plogging). A 100% responsible meet-up for the benefit of the planet.

2022 Oney Eco Sport Challenge

30 Oney employees divided into two teams took part in this “Oney eco jog challenge”, which over the course of the day participants as a whole collected:

  • 485,000 cigarette butts
  • 2,500 L of general rubbish
  • 700 L of cardboard
  • 550 L of glass
  • 800 L of aluminium
  • 1,400 L of plastic

2023 Oney Eco Sport Challenge

55 Oney employees divided into four teams took part in this “Oney Eco Sport Challenge”. Final collection at the end of the two days of the event:

  • 917,000 cigarette butts
  • 257 cans
  • 276 plastic bottles

Supporting our athletes
through sponsorship and patronage

Our passion for sports can be seen not only in our support for our everyday champions but also in our sponsorship of high-level athletes. We have chosen athletes from France and Portugal based on their personality, their human values and the commitments they have made to causes that we share.

This enables Oney to further its sporting commitments.

In France

As part of its support for sport and its premium partnership of the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Oney has decided to sponsor two athletes through “Pacte de Performance”, a scheme run by Fondation du Sport Français. This involves supporting these two champions by making a no strings attached donation to them.

In Portugal

Oney has arranged a sponsorship deal to provide financial support to Yolanda Hopkins Sequeira and Ana Guedes, enabling the bank to promote surfing and padel through the sport’s Portuguese champions.

  • Sponsorship of Pierre-Ambroise Bosse

    French 800 metre runner, 2017 world champion. A member of the Lille Métropole Athlétisme club, he trains at the INSEP.

    A highly active promoter of green causes, he has developed the practice of eco jogging.

    As an accessible sport in which people of all levels can take part, running is the perfect choice for Oney.

  • Sponsorship of Matéo Colsenet

    A French BMXer and under-23 French champion in 2023, Mateo Colsenet has established himself as one of the rising figures in this sport.

    Actively engaged with societal issues, he seeks to use his sport to reach as many people as possible through socially-themed awareness-raising campaigns.

    BMX is one of the most recent new sports at the Olympic and Paralympic Games and perfectly represents the dynamism and enthusiasm found in Oney’s DNA.

  • Sponsorship of Yolanda Hopkins Sequeira

    A surfer from the Algarve, currently preparing for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games, Yolanda Hopkins Sequeira is an up-and-coming talent in this sport in Portugal.

    National champion in 2019, three-time Costa Nova/Nazaré champion and 2020 world champion, she is the first Portuguese surfer to win an Olympic title.

    An active supporter of ocean protection, she capitalises on her high national and international visibility to promote the values of ethics and resilience – values she shares with Oney.

  • Sponsorship of Ana Alexandra Guedes

    Ana Alexandra Guedes started playing tennis at the age of 3.

    In 2020, her colleagues in the DAF team at Oney Portugal challenged her to a friendly game of padel. It was love at first sight: since then, Ana has been a member of the federation and has never stopped playing this sport, which has over 100,000 enthusiasts in Portugal.

    In 2023, she will represent Portugal at the European Padel Championships, and since September 2023 she has been wearing Oney's colours in padel competitions.

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