This Summer you are bound to seek out the air conditioning in shopping centres or shops. These places are in the throes of transformation and now play a key role in the experience.

Let #oneday take you for a refreshing walk.

To succeed in the future, even in the digital world, you need to excel in real life. At least, that’s the key take away we get from those brands whose aim is to create a connection rather than just sell goods.

A hotel that’s an interior design store (and vice versa).

Muji, the iconic Japanese décor brand has once again taken the leap. It has opened its third hotel in Tokyo’s bustling Ginza district.

After Shenzen and Beijing in China, the brand which introduced minimalism into millions of homes is now offering a truly relaxing pause to locals and tourists alike in the Japanese capital.

The 70 room hotel has all the elements that make up the brand’s DNA: the décor’s accent is on wood and wicker, sumptuous soft seating, sober colours…

The establishment is home to a restaurant and, of course, a boutique where the hotel’s guests can buy some of the items that have been enjoyed already.

The rooms range from €120 to €450, but profitability is just one aspect of the project.

Creating meeting points between brands and the public.


Brands are seeking to establish points of contact. Spaces where they control everything and where their know how and vision can be expressed in its entirety and bring sense to their mission.

The sports brand, New Balance, is embracing this trend by announcing the construction of a new type of complex.

The Track in Boston will accommodate a multi-sports centre with sports pitches and tracks, a research laboratory and a concert venue. The stated aim: create new opportunities to interact with thousands of athletes and sports enthusiasts and gain a better understanding of their needs…and to meet those needs!

In France too!


And it’s not just the largest international retail groups who are following the trend. The idea has made tracks in France and has already taken shape with some remarkable examples.

Maison du Monde opened a hotel right in the heart of Nantes this year. “It’s just like home, but better” is how they are positioning themselves. The brand is reasserting its attachment to conviviality and style. 5 different ambiances (rock, chic, nature, etc.) await travellers in their rooms. Although there is no boutique in the establishment, there is a cosy lounge which is open non-stop. Trendy décor, fast Wi-Fi, local and handmade products – the space is perfect for breakfast, co-working or just hanging out.

Another brand and another location: prêt-a-porter brand Bréal has recently opened Villa Bréal in Paris’s 8th arrondissement. The objective: strengthen human relationships. The result is that in this stylish Haussmannian 120m2 apartment, two advisors meet clients by appointment only.

A trouser section, dressing rooms, relaxation area…everything has been conceived to support the client and advisor and let them enjoy an unforgettable moment.

The concept which was launched a year ago appears to be meeting its objectives: according to the brand, the average basket has multiplied by 3 and 90% of customers recommend it and return to the Villa.

And what if, all we really wanted from tomorrow’s retailers was for them to be more human, more interactive and to stand out more.

Photo Credits : Muji, New Balance, Maison du Monde