One day, mobile grocery stores will drive us straight to zero waste!

Published on 21/02/20

Zero waste is filling up on followers. In Europe, and particularly in France, we are fairly ahead of the game with this new way of consuming. By 2022, it is estimated that it will weigh more than €3 billion in France, compared to just €100 million in 2013. It’s a bottom-line trend that is not just for a few urban “bohos”. Previously niche markets, bulk and zero waste are on the move thanks to the proliferation of mobile outlets.

“What If I started my own bulk truck?”

VRAC’MENT BON, LA MAIN DANS L’SAC, LA NOMADE, STRAS TA ROUTE… these funny looking trucks have been roaming the French countryside for some time. What do they have in common? They’re all mobile grocery stores dedicated to zero waste. Cereals, vegetables and starchy foods (such as rice and pasta), as well as cosmetics and cleaning products… here, you buy by weight and bring your own containers. More than just a passing craze, it is a trend that now affects more than 1 in 2 French people (in 2018, 47% had already claimed to have bought in bulk), and it continues to gather followers.


Bulk: spearheading zero-waste.

epicerie-ambulante-zero-dechetEnough is enough. It is time for shops to offer anti-waste solutions (link : and zero waste. Every year between 8 and 12 million tonnes of plastic end up in the sea. That’s the equivalent of a lorry load per minute. It’s not surprising then that awareness is becoming increasingly widespread, and that whole families are now choosing to drastically reduce their waste…moving to zero waste. As well as its ecological perspective, mobile bulk also has a sociological dimension. These mobile grocery stores are a real alternative to rural commercial depopulation. They help to reintroduce the pleasure of doing things for oneself as well as (re)creating links in the very heart of village squares.


From book-truck to barber-truck!

epicerie-ambulante-zero-dechetAnd the trend doesn’t have to stop there. Mobile commerce really works and continues to diversify as entrepreneurs become increasingly inventive. After food trucks and book trucks (or buses), others are taking to the road. Take the example of hairdressers and barbers or themed shops such as L’ARRÊT CREATION (The Creative Stop). A Creativ’truck that offers children creative workshops or turnkey activities for parties and birthdays. It’s another way to bring business to everyone, free from the cardboard and packaging which all too often clutters our mailboxes and rubbish bins. Zero-waste alternatives are now everywhere. No-one need miss out!


The Main Think

Zero waste is on the road! Swept along by inventive entrepreneurs, more often than not with a sustainable consciousness, the movement is winning the countryside. And if perhaps this alternative distribution method cannot yet compete with the huge range offered by real or virtual networks; when combined with an online ordering system, it could grow even further and finally rid us of our useless waste (link: