Oneytrust, a pioneer in the fight against fraud and digital profiling in Europe and Tripartie, a trusted third-party FinTech for transactions between individuals and listed among the 40 most promising startups of the year 2021 by Station F, combine their strengths and skills in a unique solution. It makes it possible, for the first time on the market, to secure end-to-end transactions between individuals while improving the customer experience on CtoC marketplaces. From registration to the finalization of the transaction, for the benefit of professionals, retailers and consumers, it promotes the development of the second-hand economy.

Paris, February 12, 2021 – While the second-hand market now weighs 7 billion euros1 and is experiencing double-digit annual growth, fraud and the risks of scams on CtoC platforms are also seeing their statistics ‘fly away. Facing this situation, Oneytrust and Tripartie are pooling their know-how in order to strengthen confidence and security in exchanges between individuals, but also to meet the growing needs of users.

For Victorien De Doncker, President of Tripartie:

The development of purchasing between individuals is hampered by the risks it entails and the lack of trust between users. Our common solution opens up new possibilities for second-hand players, services between neighbors and even Freelancing. By strengthening platform trust and security, we provide solutions against payment and low quality risks! The stakes are both economic and ecological.

Offer the same qualitative experience on the second-hand market as on the new one

While the occasion, across all sectors, has already attracted more than 85% 2 of our compatriots – with almost 4 out of 10 French people already buying second-hand clothes3 – some peer-to-peer purchases are still a little timid : only 20% of French people are ready to buy a used telephone from a private individual4. The reason ? The multiple risks associated with these transactions: fraud of all kinds, non-compliant purchases, etc.

For the first time, marketplaces can secure the entire purchasing chain thanks to the innovative offer of the two companies, which is built around four pillars:

· Scoring to block attempted scams and fraud upon registration;

· Securing funds in a digital account until validation of the purchase;

· The management and fair treatment of any disputes between users;

· Turnkey integration in just a few lines of code.

In this age of peer-to-peer trading, our role is to secure all stakeholders in a transaction so that it can proceed without the friction of control from start to finish. Our know-how therefore consists in managing this subtle balance between security and customer experience.” comments William Ben Chemouil, CEO of Oneytrust. “This partnership aims to create trust between people (sellers and consumers); but also to strengthen the proposition of CtoC marketplaces by providing them with a secure, invisible and reassuring system for their users.

About Oneytrust

With 20 years of experience, Oneytrust is the French pioneer in the fight against online fraud and digital profiling. Oneytrust offers innovative and multi-channel services for e-commerce, banking and insurance. Available internationally, Oneytrust’s offer has already won over more than 600 partners. A subsidiary of Oney Bank S.A., Oneytrust is ranked 130th in the 2019 FW500 ranking.

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We are a different, unique, commercial bank. We rely on our original positioning and our expertise developed over more than 35 years to design innovative payment solutions and financial services. Every day, our 2,600 talents around the world reinvent banking, for the benefit of a more human relationship, with the mission of “giving everyone the freedom to be and to act”. With more than 500 merchant and e-merchant partners, we support the realization of projects for more than 7.7 million customers in Europe by offering them memorable shopping experiences in store and online. Since October 22, 2019, we have two shareholders: BPCE at 50.1% and Auchan Holding at 49.9%.

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About Tripartie

Founded in 2018 with the firm intention of offering the same quality of experience on the second-hand market as on the primary market, this trusted third-party Fintech for C2C platforms initially incubated in Paris-Dauphine is now installed at Station F .

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