Croix, 22nd February 2021 – Oney, Expert in payment solutions, consumer credit and purchasing experience, announces its first collaboration with Origo, a supplier of Guarantees of Origins, to accelerate the decrease in its carbon footprint. This decision enables Oney Bank to cover 100% of the electricity consumption of the Group and its subsidiaries2 worldwide in renewable energies through the guarantees of origin system. This decision has been effective since 1 January 2021.

Oney’s commitment within the Paris Agreements for Climate Change

Aware of the climate challenge, Oney Bank is committed to respect the Paris Climate Agreements. To this end, the company has carried out an international carbon assessment and defined a reduction path and associated action plans on four main axes: mobility, purchasing, IT and energy. On this last point, for several years Oney has been making its teams aware of the responsible behaviours to adopt in order to limit emissions linked to electricity. This is reflected by awareness-raising actions, which have led to a 21% reduction in electricity consumption in kWh per average workforce per year between 2018 and 2019.

To go further, and in order to reduce the CO2 emissions linked to its electricity consumption, Oney has chosen to use energy guarantees to cover its electricity consumption of green energy.

Reducing energy consumption: an innovative partnership and a pragmatic approach with Origo

Since 1 January 2021, Oney Bank has been working with Origo, a French company that is a pioneer in its sector. Origo is a recognised agent authorised to negotiate, purchase and provide guarantees of origin on the European energy market on behalf of its customers. Concretely, Oney Bank communicates its actual electricity consumption for the year 2020 to Origo, which purchases the equivalent volume in guarantees of origin from renewable energy production (wind, solar and hydraulic energy, excluding biomass). Through these guarantees of origin, Oney ensures that the equivalent of its total electricity consumption in MWh (MegaWatt-hour) has been produced and injected into the electricity grid by renewable energies. Through this pragmatic process, Oney covers 100% of its electricity consumption from renewable energy sources and supports the development of wind, solar and hydraulic energy.

For Mylène Engelspach, Oney’s Director of Transformation, Communication and CSR,

We are proud to be supported by Origo, to reduce our carbon footprint. It is a French company, expert in the renewable electricity market in Europe, with whom we share the same values. This action is fully aligned with our commitment to respect the Paris Agreements and its associated carbon reduction path in order to contribute to the development of a more sustainable world.

Oney: For a fairer, more humane and sustainable world

Since its creation, Oney has always conducted its business with respect for its customers, partners, employees and the environment. This concern has resulted in the adoption of a societal strategy for a fairer, more humane and sustainable world. This strategy, integrated into Oney’s business model, is coupled with specific commitments based on 4 key areas of focus to actively contribute to the necessary changes that the Company must make: · Promoting “better consumption” for all · Reducing the carbon footprint to meet COP21 commitments · Ensure the employability of Talents Oney so that each of them can build their own trajectory. · Make our digital transformation a strength in the quality of our human relations.

Who are we?

We are a different, unique, commercial bank. We rely on our original positioning and the expertise we have developed over more than 35 years to design innovative payment solutions and financial services. Every day, our 2,600 talented people around the world reinvent banking, for the benefit of a more humane relationship, with the mission of “Giving everyone the freedom to be and to act”. With our 550 retail and e-merchant partners, we support the projects of more than 7.6 million customers in Europe by offering them memorable shopping experiences in-store and online. Since 22 October 2019, we have two shareholders: BPCE with 50.1% and Auchan Holding with 49.9%. 

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