Our planet has never been so small. With the transport explosion and prices plummeting, the number of journeys has increased…and so has pollution. Faced with this problem, innovations in transport are burgeoning. For a greener journey.

With a crisis of conscience and technological advances, the transport sector is reinventing itself. Faster, more conscientious, more reliable…

Transport accounts for 1/4 of global carbon emissions.

With nearly 25% of all carbon emissions globally (source: International Energy Agency), the finger is regularly pointed at the transport sector. Lorries and cars contribute 3/4 of these emissions, boats and planes account for the remainder (11% and 12% respectively).

To counter this pollution, world airlines are financing a carbon emission offset programme called Corsia.

Following launch in 2020, the programme aims to raise no less than 40 billion dollars by 2025 which will be re-injected in to reforestation projects. But other eco-friendly alternatives are already in the pipeline…

4,500kms in 45mins….pollution free!

That’s Hyperloop, which its founder, Elon Musk, the creator of Tesla, presents as the 5th transport revolution (after boat, train, car and plane).

His idea: create a network of giant tubes in which capsules will circulate on air cushions, powered by a magnetic field. The system could reach 1,220 km/h… with a low energy cost due to the solar panels installed on the tubes.

It’s a serious undertaking. Testing is already in progress and the first examples may go live in Slovakia, South Korea and the UAE.

On water too…

In terms of zero carbon travel, shipping has not been left behind. Solar Impact, Archinaute and Energy Observer offer 3 green alternatives to fuel. Working respectively with solar, wind and hydrogen energy, these three prototypes which are in the research and testing phase could work for both merchant shipping and passenger travel.