One day, we’ll tell ourselves that the Digital Native brands have understood everything!

Published on 09/09/19

They are SEZANE, LE SLIP FRANÇAIS, MADE.COM, TEDIBER, WARBY, PARKER…and what they all have in common is that, in a short space of time, they have cleaned up, redefined their markets and have become the benchmark. How? By playing on both the strength of community and the consumer’s search for meaning.

You’ll build a community.

Regardless of sector, Digital Native Vertical Brands (DNVB) all have in common the fact that they adopted a 100% customer centric approach from the start.

Not only that, more often than not they are directly connected to the end consumer (digitally); and they have put the consumer back at the heart of the customer journey and purchasing experience.

That’s why CASPER lets you test their mattresses at home for 100 days…and send it back if you are not comfortable! Or, most recently, NOLIJU, the lifestyle running brand, which decided to develop its “Ultimate Pant”, a trouser that is both chic and technical, through participative financing. The community loved the project and was able to do the rounds in just a few days and even exceed the original target. When you like it…

Find meaning, everywhere


The DNVB’s other main feature is the emotional, rather than transactional connection which they have created with their customers. Soul searching customers find brands that don’t shy away from charitable initiatives.

SEZANE, with its project “Demain” (Tomorrow), is directing resources to charities to support access to education and culture for children in need.

WARBY PARKER, which for each pair of glasses bought, donates one pair to the NGO VisionSpring. 4 million pairs have already been distributed. Not bad for a company launched in 2010…

And they’re not stopping there...

Following their on-line success, the DNVBs are now investing in bricks and mortar shops, all the while cultivating their difference.

The shops are a stepping stone and catalyst for the customer experience rather than a web store cut and paste.

And they work! Warby Parker has 90 stores; Le Slip Français has 15 stores and over 200 resellers.

It’s pretty clear: whatever DNVBs do, they do it well!