One day, we won’t buy products that aren’t guaranteed for life.

Published on 15/05/19

Faced with in-built obsolescence, many brands are taking a different stand and offer products which are guaranteed for long periods, even for life. From clothes to luggage and even teddy bears, today we take a look at some striking examples.

Eastpak, the pioneer.

Eastpak, the bag and luggage brand, launched in the wake of the second world war. It kitted the American army out with hard wearing canvas bags. At the beginning of the 70’s, students started carrying their books around in them. So the brand decided to capture this new market. Over the years, success has never compromised quality. So much so that in 1984 the, by now, iconic brand decided to guarantee its products for 30 years. Now, it even offers a repair service. It costs, as an example, around €18 to repair a hole and extend your favourite bag’s life.

Tom Cridland, iconoclast

Musician, singer and entrepreneur, Tom Cridland launched into the world of fashion several years ago. His leitmotiv: create a sustainable world. He has launched a collection called “30 years” which offers around 30 articles, from jackets to t-shirts to sweaters…all guaranteed for 30 years. With the commitment to repair if there’s a problem or even replace the item if necessary.

Vermont Teddy Bear, the sweetest thing.

Parents are well aware: teddy bears are sometimes mistreated. Fortunately, Vermont Teddy Bear came up with the idea of a clinic just for them. In this hospital, Dr Nancy is in charge. She mends, replaces an eye, repairs an ear…in short, she puts our children’s little friends back on their feet (or paws). The little extra: you can follow the “operations” via the hospital’s website. It’s a great way to introduce responsible consumption to the young.

The latest arrival: Away.

The new DNVB (Digital Native Vertical Brand) in the luggage world, Away, has definitively positioned itself in the high quality market.
Each suitcase – “your home from home”, as the brand calls itself – is also designed right down to the smallest detail to bring maximum satisfaction to the user (some bags even have an inbuilt battery to recharge smartphones and tablets).
The American start-up has developed a lifetime guarantee which covers the main areas of damage: knocks, holes, tears, wheels and fastenings, so that you can travel with peace of mind.

Photo credit : Eastpak / Vermont Teddy Bear / Away