One day, we will no longer waste more than 40 tonnes of food per second.

Published on 06/06/19

The figures are well known, but they’re still impressive. Throughout the world, 1/3 of global food production is wasted. In France every year nearly 10 million tonnes of consumable food are thrown out. For several years, projects have been launched to try and save some of this food and redistribute it. As part of the Sustainable Development Week #oneday brings you an update on current initiatives.

FOODLIFE, the pioneer.

On 3 February 2016, French deputies voted unanimously on a draft law to ban supermarkets larger than 400m2 from throwing out and destroying their unsold food. It obliged them to sign partnerships with charities to re-distribute the food as best they could.
And that’s how FOODLIFE came to life. The app that puts supermarkets and charities in touch.

The objective: put the main stakeholders in direct contact.

The principle is simple: supermarkets register on the site and give their details to charities with whom they are working. Using geo-localisation, the consumer just has to find the sales outlets and charities where food parcels and baskets are distributed.

KARMA, the latest offering.

In the wake of the French anti-waste app TOOGOODTOGO, KARMA, its Swiss alta-ego has just set up in the French capital. The premise is simple: all food destined for the bin is offered on KARMA at less than 50% of its original price.
The app is funded by taking a 25% commission. KARMA has already been tested in several neighbourhoods and been fairly successful, according to its partners (the chef, Thierry Marx and the chain, Bagelstein take part) as well as clients/customers. It launches throughout the capital this summer.

FLASHFOOD, the Canadian.

Only available in the Northern American region, the FLASHFOOD app offers its partner supermarkets a way of selling items that are nearing their expiration date. Customers can choose via their app and go and collect them in-store from dedicated fridges. They can save up to 50% on their total purchases.

Flashfood in numbers

Since launching in January,

FLASHFOOD has generated sales worth more than $67,000,

saving 15,200 kilos of food from landfill.

91% of items placed on FLASHFOOD are sold.


Crédits photos : Karma / The Food Life / Flashfood