In a context of economic uncertainty linked to the Covid-19 crisis, Oney and CRÉSUS are strengthening their partnership to provide even better support to the most fragile customers. At the heart of the partnership are several commitments to improve the daily support of economically fragile customers by Oney France’s customer advisers, a desire to participate more broadly in the budgetary and financial education of the French people and the launch in 2021 of several tools, including a new application that will provide assistance in budget management.

Croix – October 1st, 2020. Oney, an international bank with expertise in means of payment, financing and insurance, and CRÉSUS, a network of associations helping and supporting people in economically fragile situations, are strengthening their partnership initiated in 2013. While the number of cases submitted to the over-indebtedness commissions has fallen by nearly 40% in five years, the number of cases submitted to the commissions has increased.[1]

According to Jean-Louis Kiehl, President of the Association for the CRÉSUS Foundation and the Federation of CRÉSUS Associations: “This partnership with CRÉSUS[CG1]  is based on the shared desire to strengthen the prevention of the risk of over indebtedness and to build together a more inclusive and more responsible society that is attentive to the most fragile of our fellow citizens”.

For Corine Hochart, CEO of Oney France, « Our partnership with CRÉSUS has been expressed for several years through the daily involvement of all our consultants in the support of our clients. Today, we want to go further with CRÉSUS in our societal commitment for better consumption: better budget management, better use of credit and better choice of what to buy. This is part of our desire to act with our employees and stakeholders for a fairer, more humane and more sustainable world. »

[1] Banque de France report on overindebtedness in 2019

Strengthen customer support

Starting in September 2020, Oney, together with the expert advisors of the CRÉSUS network, is initiating a program for the 250 employees, in contact with 7.7 million customers, which aims to strengthen customer support in three areas: 

  • Detect fragile customers, by training Oney France’s customer advisors to perceive and interpret signals of financial fragility and adopt a “budget coach” posture.
  • Facilitate the link between Oney’s detection of fragile customers and their treatment by Crésus’ expert budget management, intermediation and budget coaching consultants.
  • Raise awareness among vulnerable customers by making budget education content available to them on the Oney website and on its social networks (budget guide, advice on budget management or savings, educational tutorials, etc.) or budget management tools (financial situation assessment grid, etc.).

Going further, Oney will unveil new features on its website and mobile application in 2021 that will allow consumers to control their budget independently.

Participate in the budget education of French people

Oney is part of the “Dilemma” skills sponsorship program. Created in 2013 by CRÉSUS, this program aims to change the relationship with money and to train responsible citizens and consumers who will have the tools and knowledge to become more self-reliant.

Between now and the end of the year, around twenty Oney employee ambassadors will be trained by CRÉSUS to lead budget education sessions in Apprentice Training Centers (CFA), middle schools and high schools.

These sessions are structured around three goals:

  • Explain the problems of budget management through practice.
  • Transmit basic knowledge about banking and insurance products.
  • Promote informed and responsible consumption.

Make budget support tools available

Finally, Oney becomes a partner in the BGV project “Budget Grande Vitesse”, BGV.

Initiated by CRÉSUS with the contribution of several major French companies, including Oney, this program is part of the desire to help French people manage their budget and expenses by putting digital technology to work for the common good.

Thus, in 2021, Crésus will offer, with its partners, a free web and mobile app to help users manage their budget. This free app will include several functionalities such as :

  • Aggregation of accounts to help build a solid budget
  • Calculation of « Remaining to be lived » and « Available budget »
  • Preventive notifications of the risks of releases or overdrafts
  • The detection of rights to assistance and support in the creation of a file via digital safe with document certification
  • Predictive detection of over-indebtedness and financial fragility
  • Assistance in managing budget contingencies
  • A budget optimisation service

With this new tool, everyone will be able to better anticipate their financial capacities and needs. A real planning and assistance tool, this application will allow everyone to take stock of their financial health and adapt their budget according to their situation.

About Crésus

CRÉSUS (Les Chambre Régionales du Surendettement Social) is a network of federated non-profit associations born in 1992 in Alsace, made up of 500 expert volunteers through its 30 federated associations and 224 reception points, spread over 41 departments in 12 regions. Its objective is to support households and entrepreneurs in financial difficulty.

In 2008, the Association for the CRÉSUS Foundation was created. Its mission is to promote social innovation and impact, by acting preventively in the fight against financial fragility and over indebtedness. The association has also developed innovative financial education and entrepreneurship initiation programs and has set up a digital innovation laboratory whose vocation will be predictive and placed at the service of the common good.

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