One day, we’ll all have our own retail application

Published on 02/03/20

retail-application-onedayWill we all in retail in the future? Definitely! Having sold used items on LE BON CON and VINTED and your own creations on ETSY, you can now branch out with the help of native application creators. The idea is simple: Allow everyone to create their own retail app easily and in just a few clicks, and for 10 times less than going through an agency or service provider. Is there competition in the air for retailers?

M-commerce in full force.

oneday-retail-application2 key figures to get started: Globally, 50% of transactions are made on mobile phones; and if an e-retailer has a dedicated retail application, it generates almost 70% of sales. Simplicity, seamlessness and instantaneousness (especially with 1-click payment or digital wallet) are the reason for such success. It’s not surprising that everyone is looking for a place in the pocket of the world’s 3 billion smart phone users.


“Don’t try and create an app. Get started right away.”

good-barber-retail-applicationgood-barber-retail-applicationHere’s how GOODBARBER, one of the market’s leading App Builders, engages future customers. There’s no need to know how to code, just chose a theme that matches the activity (fashion, well-being, food, etc.), add the useful features (discounts or one-click payment, etc.), add a personal touch like your logo and hey presto – job done!

The site already claims to have created more than 30,000 apps, with 40 million downloads across all platforms (Apple and Google) and around 8 billion pages viewed.

Other operators are also positioning themselves in the market, such as GLIDE, which allows a first retail app to be created at no cost. Obviously, at this price, the possibilities offered are limited (and the company takes a comfortable 10% commission on sales), but a test and learn m-commerce at that price remains unbeatable.


An avalanche of new brands in sight?

shopify-retaim-application-onedayMaybe. And behind these App Builders an entire ecosystem based on drop shipping has developed. So with platforms dedicated to creating retail apps, such as SHOPIFY or OBERLO, there is no need to manage inventory or shipments. Products are sent directly from supplier to end customer. The boutique designer need only manage his store’s image and develop his customer community. It’s a simplicity that could not only encourage the development of new brands in the future, but also shake up the more established players in their customer relationships.


The Main Think

Retail everywhere, for everyone, and now by everyone, thanks to retail app creation platforms. This is how mobile phones are gradually reformatting the e-retail landscape: by allowing everyone a simple way, without constraints, to become a retailer. It’s a small revolution brought about by the innovations of App Builders and drop shipping platforms.


Crédits photos : Istock / Glide / Goodbarber / Shopify