Oney commits for a fairer, more human and more sustainable world

Published on 24/06/19

Oney commits for a fairer, more human and more sustainable world

The Oney Group unveils its social policy: its CSR and sustainable development commitments.
Oney, expert in digital solutions and innovative payments, is today launching its new corporate social responsibility policy. Embodied in a new governance, this societal policy is based on 4 universes: a fairer, more human, more sustainable world and ethical principles in the conduct of its activities. Today, Oney is taking ambitious action around 12 clear commitments that will enable the company to achieve its objectives and thus have a positive impact on the world.

Oney, a human bank committed to sustainable consumption

As expert in payment solutions and innovative purchasing paths, Oney is at the heart of consumption and observes its evolution every day.

Oney is aware of the societal and environmental challenges facing our society. Oney wishes to take part in the initiatives necessary to support the development of new forms of more rational consumption and put people back at the heart of exchanges.

Convinced that it is time to build a more sustainable world, Oney and all its employees work together with a twofold objective: to reinvent consumption and living patterns and economic models and to respond responsibly to the societal challenges of today and tomorrow

A new CSR governance for an integrated policy and responsible transformation

Since 2013, Oney has taken concrete actions in the field of CSR. The objective of this new governance is to increase impact, by instilling ever greater coherence and synergies. Oney has rethought the organisation of its CSR governance, integrating its new commitments at the heart of its strategy, business model and business lines.

4 main universes and 12 commitments for a unified CSR policy

Oney’s ambition is to create a sustainable banking model that creates shared value. Oney has thus created a social policy that reflects its image, resolutely integrated into its business model and based on 4 major universes:

1. For a fairer world: acting as a springboard for the success of those around us

  1. Encouraging the development of talent for the long-term
  2. Promoting diversity and equal opportunity
  3. Developing solutions accessible to the wider public

2. For a more human world : creating human value through our digital transformation

  1. Making digital technology a source of inclusion for our talents
  2. Using digital technology for the benefit of human relations
  3. Sharing the value generated by data

3. For a more sustainable world: working together to improve consumer behaviour

  1. Working and getting our stakeholders to work for more efficient consumption
  2. Supporting and promoting key players for efficient consumption that’s accessible to all
  3. Making a commitment to carbon neutrality

4. Ethical principles in the conduct of our activities

  1. Acting with transparency
  2. Operating with integrity and in accordance with our ethical principles
  3. Dialoguing and building together with our stakeholders

“We are proud to present our CSR policy, which is the result of long-standing convictions, shared by all at Oney, and a process of reflection, which began several years ago.”

— Jean-Pierre Viboud, Chief Executive Officer of Oney Group.

He adds: “We want to propose a model that creates shared value and develops in a way that respects people, the planet and our common future; because we firmly believe that performance can no longer be solely financial but must take into account the value generated for all our stakeholders. We live in a living ecosystem in which each is linked to the performance of the other. »

“We want to act today to contribute to a more fair, human and sustainable world. To this end, we have built a social policy that is resolutely integrated into our business model. Thus, all our teams, in their daily lives and through their businesses, have a role to play in enabling Oney to have a positive impact on the world and to do our part in the necessary changes that the Company must make.  Our corporate culture is strong and the women and men of Oney are already individually deeply responsible and committed. Our societal policy will serve as a catalyst to accelerate our societal transformation and move forward together. ”
,concludes Mylène Engelspach, Group Communication, Brand and CSR Director.