One day, my shop will offer anti-waste solutions

Published on 03/05/19

Surely it’s better to donate than to throw away. But you need to know where. Increasingly, shops are willing to accept items, materials or even foodstuffs to avoid spoilage and waste.
It’s a good way to put the meaning back into consumption. This is what Bio C’ Bon is doing with its ethical pantries.

Because we don’t always know what to do...

Every year, the French throw out between 20 and 30kg of food, that’s €159, per person (Source: ADEME). Added to this 30% don’t even know how to make a donation locally (Source: OpinionWay)…and you say something must be done!
That’s what Bio C’ Bon is trying to achieve in its own modest way.

We all have a role to play!

Bio C’ Bon is a chain of organic food stores found mainly in city centres. It recently decided to install “ethical panties” in 5 of its shops.
The idea is simple: to allow people to donate items that are in good condition (tools, small electrical items, etc.) as well as foodstuffs (in date, undamaged and safe).

Ethical partners

To be really effective, the brand has even teamed up its pantries with the digital platform, Hophopfood, which works on the basis of food donations directly between individuals. Products left in the pantry show up on the app with a view to being collected.

From goods seller to connection builder

The idea is really simple, there is no need for any major investment (the pantries have been designed by UpCyCly, a start-up that makes furniture from recycled wood), but it just goes to show that a retailer brand can give up a small amount of floor space to a non-profit activity. It’s an initiative that is really focused on sharing, creating a social link and it brings a sense of value to the brand.
It’s a worthy cause worth watching to see how it develops.

Photo credit : Bio c’est Bon