One day, I’ll have a label that tells me EVERYTHING.

Published on 12/11/19

Coffee marked ‘organic’ is all very well.  But if it is flown in from Peru is it better for the environment (and my conscience) than a non-organic, but local, brand? This is type of question – some would say dilemma – that consumers keep facing. Between the labels and the apps that are trying to simplify our lives, whom should be believed? Whom can they trust? Who is in the best position to inform the consumer?

A label that scores twice!

Producers and manufacturers know just how important labels are to the consumer. 1 in 2 French people have stated that ethical consumption means choosing products that carry labels or certifications. That is why we are seeing so many more of them in supermarket aisles. But from ethics to labels, there’s a world of difference. It’s not surprising that the market for control apps is taking off.

Fact-checking et self-scanning.

At a time when total transparency is key, there’s no question of placing an article in the trolley without first scanning it using an app like YUKA, BUYORNOT or OPENFOODFACTS for food, or FAIR CLOTHES for fashion. 92% of YUKA users confirm that they have put an article back if it is “red-flagged” on their telephone. This behaviour is inciting many manufacturers to re-examine their recipes and processes to bring their products out of this danger zone which threatens their turnover. And although the app is independent, it often delivers simplified information to facilitate easy reading. So, whom can be trusted?

What about the suppliers?


At the end of the day, it’s the suppliers who know the manufacturers and consumers best. By cross-referencing client data with producers’ data, they could be in the perfect position to offer products to each person in accordance with their values and their requirements. An adaptive app or personalised label that will take into account both allergies and the ethics of each customer. So, what if we could win the fight to reassure clients…and gain their loyalty at the same time?

Photo Credits : Buyornot, Openfoodfacts, Yuka