One day, I’ll go into my bank branch just for the fun of it.

Published on 26/06/19

Bank branches are not doing too well. The problem stems from digitalisation which allows more and more clients to carry out their day to day banking online. As a result, branch traffic is going down, forcing stakeholders to rethink their utility and the use of space.
#oneday invites you to discover 3 European concepts which are reinventing bank branches.

Virgin Money Lounges. The living room bank.

In Great Britain, Richard Branson’s financial products division has launched a new style of branch, or more precisely a “living room bank”. Everything here is geared towards the client chilling out. Wifi and newspapers as well as drinks are offered to clients in a space where cosy sofas have replaced uncomfortable chairs.

Each living room allows you to relax, to meet up or to use the co-working areas, with complete peace of mind. There are even kids’ corners set up.

Le Quartier Zukunft from Deutsche Bank: the local hub.

Another example, this time German, from Deutsche Bank. This legendary player from the banking world has chosen to rename its flagship Berlin branch the Quartier Zukunft (which literally means Future District). A bank that’s as digital as possible but also as human as possible.

People come here to learn, to share or to find out how to manage their money.

The result: the space regularly organises sessions and workshops as diverse and varied as how to make foreign currency payments or how to become a true Berliner for the capital’s new residents.

All this in a space that is no longer designed around money, but around the future, the dreams and the desires of each person. Sales rooms have made way for spaces to hang out. It’s a sign of the times!

Maif Social Club: exploration and experimentation.

In the heart of Paris’s 3rd arrondissement the insurer, MAIF, has transformed almost 1,000m2 of its space into new forms of consumerism, the new economy and sustainability.

The space, which is accessible to everyone, whether clients or not, invites you to learn more about the issues of tomorrow through workshops and events, all the while testing and experimenting. Writing workshops, debates, as well as exhibitions and film and short film showings, the Maif Social Club is dedicating itself to a vision of a more collaborative society.

Since opening in November 2016, it boasts 100,000 registered users.



Crédits photos : Virgin Money Lounges / Deutsche Bank / Maif Social Club