Croix, March 4th, 2020 – Oney announces a continuous growth in 2019, after a year marked by a turning point in its history: the acquisition of a majority stake by BPCE (50.1% in the capital of Oney Bank). Oney is pursuing its ambition to become the European leader of split payment solutions and accelerate its development projects in Europe.

The deployment of the “3x 4x Oney” split payment solution and the partnerships with major leading groups in their business areas in 2019 have supported Oney’s development in Europe. In 2019, growth of the activity is continuous with a sharp increase in new lending (+9.4%).  Excluding one-off elements, GNP has increased up to 7% and now totted €447 million, and the net income increased up to 2,5% and now amounts to €50.1 million.

Make European ambitions possible

In October 2019, the BPCE Group acquired a 50.1% stake in Oney Bank alongside Auchan Holding, enabling Oney Bank to combine the expertise of these two leaders of the banking and retail industries. The Group has the resources to pursue its European ambitions of becoming the European leader in the split payments sector and expanding its offer to its retail partners and customers.

Jean-Pierre Viboud, CEO of Oney comments: “Our positive results for 2019 validate our strategy focused on supporting our retail partners and customers. The partnership between BPCE and Auchan Holding gives Oney the power it needs to boost its development in consumer credit and to become the leader in the split payment sector in Europe”.

The growth of split payment in Europe

Available both in stores and online, the “3x 4x Oney” solution is omnichannel. With the aim of becoming the European leader of the split payment, Oney has extended its solution to include a wider range of partners. Furthermore, Oney has worked to facilitate the customer journey in all countries where this solution is provided:

  • In France, the development of the “3x 4x” solution has become increasingly popular: in-store and online, and in new sectors (school and linguistic trips, sports…).  Among the partnerships signed in 2019 are some of the leading brands in their markets: Intersport (in more than 400 stores), Atol, Air France, Audika, Last minute, Made.
  • In Spain, Oney has joined forces with FNAC, the local e-commerce leader in the electronics sector, and with Decathlon, which offers “3x 4x Oney” in all its stores (more than 150) and on its e-commerce site, with 3, 4, 6 or 10 payment options. Oney has also signed a strategic partnership with Domina Farma, which enables the “3x 4x” offer to appear exclusively on a platform created for the Official College of Pharmacists in Madrid.
  • In Italy, Oney has signed a contract with ePRICE, a major player in Italian e-commerce, whose site references more than 4 million high-tech products and household appliances. Thus, making Oney the first player in Italy to offer 3x 4x split payment offer, by credit card and through a 100% digital customer experience.
  • In Belgium, Oney has entered into a partnership with Midas and Intersport to introduce its split payment solution in their store networks. Customers of both brands now benefit from a fully simplified and digital purchase and financing process via smartphone.
  • In Portugal, Oney continued to roll out its “3x 4x” offer with three major brands: Phone House, Gaming Replay and La Redoute.

In parallel, to boost its development, Oney has joined forces with Payment Service Providers (PSPs) to simplify access to split payment solutions:

  • Thanks to its partnership with Adyen, Oney offers a turnkey solution for split payment online. This innovation is an additional lever to differentiate Oney’s offer in the development of 3x 4x;
  • Thanks to an agreement with PayPlug, split payment is now available for merchants that are followed by PayPlug. This payment facility has been enthusiastically welcomed by SMEs/retailers using the solution, previously unable to meet the growing demand for this type of service in the shopping journey.

Making the customer journey ever more seamless

In France, Oney has taken a further step forward by launching a long-term credit solution, with the possibility of an online payment split up to 60 times. This solution enhances the range of services offered to e-merchants and meets customers’ expectations, giving them ever greater freedom in carrying out their projects. Travel, accommodation, personal equipment, leisure, … All sectors and all players in the retail industry are involved. After several months of trials in different sectors with several e-merchants (, Alltricks, Mister Carpentry), the long-term credit solution offered by Oney will be made available more widely on the sites of our partner brands.

Smartney: a nimble Polish model

To match the Polish way of life, Oney offers loan solutions via “Smartney”. This new structure creates a new category of non-banking products, at some of the lowest rates on the market, with longer terms and for larger amounts. Using the latest technology, Smartney provides simple, fast and fully digital loan products. Smartney’s offers are available through brokers, at points of sale and online. Innovative, Smartney enables Poles to obtain a consumer loan in less than 15 minutes, enabling them to complete their projects in record time.

Since its launch, the results have been promising and confirm Polish consumers’ need for this type of solution.

Sustainable consumption: a structural part of the new societal policy

In 2019, Oney presented the pillars of its Corporate Social Responsibility policy (CSR).

This new policy was created with the collaboration of all the group’s employees. It reflects the group’s commitments to meet the social and environmental challenges of today and tomorrow.

Among the 9 commitments and 3 principles of action included in this corporate social policy, 3 main areas of focus are true commitments for Oney:

  • Encouraging sustainable consumption
  • Reducing our carbon footprint to meet COP21 commitments
  • Ensuring the internal and external employability of Oney Talents so everyone can build their own career path.


Who are we?

We are a different, unique, commercial bank. We rely on our original positioning and the expertise we have developed over more than 35 years to design innovative payment solutions and financial services. Every day, our 2,600 talented people around the world reinvent banking, for the benefit of a more humane relationship, with the mission of “Giving everyone the freedom to be and to act”. With our 500 retail and e-merchant partners, we support the projects of more than 7.6 million customers in Europe by offering them memorable shopping experiences in-store and online. Since 22 October 2019, we have two shareholders: BPCE with 50.1% and Auchan Holding with 49.9%.

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