Croix, June 30th 2021 – Oney, creator of the split payment offer in 2008 and current leader in France and three other European countries, is disrupting the sector with the launch of Oney+. This new offer includes a payment account, a Visa bank card and an app, giving consumers the power over their spending through universal split payment offer. Oney+ couples the ability to have an overview of the entirety of one’s bank accounts, a real time tracker of one’s spending and the possibility to choose the account to be debited. Oney + enables consumers to pay in 3 or 4 times everywhere in the world, across all channels, in all types of stores and for all services.

While consumption and trade are major challenge for economic stimulus, split payment provides a flexible and innovative solution. It allows the French to consume while staying in control of their budget. In this perspective, 32% of French intend to use more split payment solutions for their purchases in 2021(1). French people also aspire to more environmentally friendly spending. More than one in two consider that they would consume better (second-hand and refurbished products) if they could pay in several instalments(2). By using spilt payment solutions, customers have access to more qualitative and sustainable goods, a better way of consuming that is also good for their budget in the long term.

For Jean-Pierre Viboud, CEO of Oney :

Fourteen years ago, Oney was the pioneer of split payment. It has become part of French people’s habits as a very simple, practical and secure budget management tool. This year, we are moving forward with the launch of Oney+, a payment account that makes split payments universal: available everywhere in the world, in all shops and on all channels. With Oney+, we are asserting our leadership position in this market and continuing to give life to our purpose, which is to support the transformation of commerce and give everyone the power to improve their daily lives and consume better.

Oney+, an innovative split payment and budget management solution, without having to change banks

Oney+ offers unique features in a single app:

  • Connecting all your bank accounts directly to the Oney+ app to have a complete overview of your budget.
  • Real-time monitoring of expenses and the possibility to be informed of upcoming monthly debits to better control your budget.
  • The possibility to choose the bank account from which to debit for each individual transaction (either a default choice or a choice for each transaction).
  • Universal split payment, everywhere in the world, on all channels, for all types of stores and services, with the freedom to choose to pay in multiple instalments after the purchase (for example, for a shopping trip to New York or to pay a craftsman).
  • The choice between two subscription formulas, combining a Visa bank card and insurance around the world of consumption:
    • Oney+ Original, for 2.50 € per month, includes a Visa Classic card and Online Buying Protection
    • Oney+ First, 5.90€ per month, which includes a Visa Premier card and Online Buying Protection, as well as Payment and Smartphone Protection ((in addition to the standard Visa Premier Assistance & Insurance package)
  • A subscription process taking less than 5 minutes
  • A non-binding offer
  • Access to Oney’s customer service with the support of an account manager in addition to this full digital service.

Oney+ is already available in France and will soon be extended to other European countries.

Universal split payment with Oney+: a unique, simple and transparent service

After paying for a purchase at a local retailer, a health care professional, a craftsman or even at a holiday destination, either online or in a shop, Oney+ cardholders can choose to pay in three or four instalments from the first euro up to €1,000. The choice to split the payment is made directly on the app on the day of the purchase.

The charges for split payments, which are clearly indicated on the app, are marginal and regulated(3). The rates applied are 1.45% of the amount of the purchase, with a cap set at €15, for a payment in three instalments; and 2.2% of the amount of the purchase, with a cap set at €30, for a payment in four instalments. As an example, the purchase of a €300 washing machine in three instalments with Oney will cost the customer €1.45 per month. The payment’s charges are clearly indicated on the app when the split payment is validated and it is also visible in the account monitoring.

Help French people to consume better

Oney’s mission is to enable everyone to improve their daily lives and consume better by allowing customers to stay in control of their budget and what they buy.

As a responsible company, Oney relies on its proven expertise as a major actor of the consumer credit sector, present in the business and continuously developing for nearly 40 years, on its in-depth knowledge of its more than 8 million customers in Europe and on its high-quality customer service (customer NPS of 66.5 in 2020). Oney has also worked for over 15 years in partnership with CRESUS to prevent vulnerable situations and to offer the best possible support to customers facing financial difficulties.

With this new solution, Oney is positioning itself as an ally of consumers and businesses by providing a solution that allows for the development of controlled consumption.

To know more about this solution and consult the legal notices relating to Oney +

(1) Source: Harris Interactive’s study for Oney en France – Avril 2021

(2) Source: Harris Interactive’s study for Oney en France – Avril 2021