Born in 2018 from a combination of two areas of expertise: data processing and mass-market retail.


France, Italy, Spain, Poland, Russia, Hungary, Luxembourg, Romania, Portugal, Taiwan, Ukraine.

130 international suppliers

50 local suppliers

over 750 users

110 active users per week

5 languages

9 different reports

11 countries

12 bn receipts

analysed for our partners

partners meeting

Our mission

To maximise the potential of data

"Turn on your data potential" means activating, switching on, and stimulating the business potential that all this data holds, which is what drives Oney Data every day. From category optimisation to data monetization, and the personalisation of communications, we are proud to help our customers create value for their business. Accumulating data is easy… using it well is a skill: at Oney Data, we simplify data by making it useful and readable for our customers in order to increase their performance. We optimise their category management, monetize their data and engage their consumers in the most efficient way.

Our Expertise

Customer knowledge

All rapidly growing omnichannel retailers (off and online) put their customers at the heart of each strategy. We support our partners every step of the way to ensure the loyalty of their current customers and to steadily increase their customer base.

Optimising category management

How can you optimise your collection by store format? What is the best product layout? How can you increase the impact of your promotions? Thanks to precise analyses, we can answer these questions and many more besides, to better satisfy our customers and increase their business.


The retail business generates a lot of data with high added value. We help retailers use this to its full potential, by generating direct income through monetization, as well as by strengthening their partnerships with suppliers to increase the performance of their categories.