Over the first half of 2020, Oney has reaffirmed its ambition to become the European leader in split payment solutions, and expand its range of solutions for its retail partners and its customers

Published on 31/08/20

Croix, le 27 août 2020 – Le premier semestre 2020 marque la poursuite de l’ambition de Oney de devenir le leader européen du paiement fractionné et affiche une forte croissance dans les 5 pays où la solution est proposée. Oney continue ainsi sa stratégie de déploiement de cette solution grâce à de nouveaux partenariats en France, Espagne, Portugal, Belgique et Italie, réalisés depuis janvier, qui ont rejoint les plus de 500 (e)commerçants partenaires de Oney. Malgré un premier semestre 2020 marqué par la crise sanitaire du Covid-19, pour laquelle le Groupe a pris des mesures inédites pour ses collaborateurs, clients et partenaires, les ambitions de croissance européenne de Oney restent inchangées.

Le déploiement du « 3x 4x Oney » et les partenariats conclus avec des groupes référents dans leurs domaines d’activité au 1er semestre 2020 ont soutenu le développement des marchés de Oney en Europe. La digitalisation de la consommation en Europe, due au confinement au cours du 1er semestre 2020, a accéléré la croissance de cette activité. La qualité de l’offre Oney lui a permis d’accompagner la montée en puissance de l’e-commerce sous toutes ses formes (web, drive, click & collect), avec une augmentation de 51% de sa production en paiement fractionné durant le confinement, une tendance qui est restée quasiment stable depuis la sortie du confinement. La croissance de cette activité commerciale a compensé la baisse de la production constatée sur le crédit à la consommation qui a été affecté durant le confinement par la fermeture des commerces dans la plupart des pays européens où Oney est présent. Au total, l’activité commerciale du Groupe est stable par rapport au premier semestre 2019. Le PNB s’élève à 224 M€ en hausse de 7% par rapport au premier semestre 2019. Compte tenu d’une hausse des provisions pour risque anticipant les éventuelles difficultés économiques et sociales qui pourraient advenir en Europe, le résultat net de 24M€ s’inscrit en repli de 4% par rapport au 30 juin 2019.

Oney continues to stay the course and has seen its strategy bolstered by the new consumption patterns that have resulted from the COVID crisis

The past few months have been marked by a global health crisis and period of lockdown that have led to an increase in the use of online shopping and digital payment solutions. This exceptional situation has confirmed the relevance of Oney’s current strategy of responding to changes in consumption patterns: the digitisation of services and e-commerce support for its retail partners and customers.

There’s no doubt that Oney’s products have been particularly popular in recent months, and especially during the lockdown period, both for the “3x 4x Oney” solution and its long-term online loans of up to 60 months. Solutions like these allow consumers to enjoy greater flexibility when managing their spending, and more freedom for pursuing their projects and ideas. This has proven very useful during lockdown, in particular for the purchase of high-tech products, interiors and even DIY. This trend is still being observed, even after the easing of lockdown measures.

In the first half of 2020, Oney has therefore stayed the course and continued to pursue its objective of becoming the European leader in split payment solutions, as well as extending its “3x 4x Oney” omni-channel solution to even more partners:

  • In Italy, Oney has continued to develop the “3x 4x” solution, with four new partnerships in the past six months, from four different industries: WRS for car accessories, Musical Store for music and culture, San Marco for outdoor furniture and Conte for home insurance.
  • In Spain, Oney has entered into partnerships with Sprinter, Kimoa, Xiaomi, Kave Home, Rodi Motor (150 physical sales outlets), Merida Bike and Honda (echo-es.es, hondaencasa.com, hondamarine.com). Another partnership with BackMarket – an expert in refurbished electronic equipment – has allowed Oney to take a firmer stance on the issue of sustainable consumption by making it easier to buy products second-hand. Oney Spain therefore bucks the trend with a significant increase in production, despite the closure of physical stores during the lockdown period.
  • In Portugal, Oney has forged new partnerships with major brands in various business sectors, such as La Redoute, Hey Phones, Egitana, Lanidor and 4paper. Like in France and Spain, in Portugal Oney signed a partnership with the Payment Services Provider (PSP) Adyen.
  • Finally, in France, the use of the “3x 4x” solution has intensified, both online during the lockdown and when stores reopened too, especially for the purchase of high-tech products, household equipment, healthcare and sport. Since January, Oney has signed with more than 50 new retail and e-commerce partners such as So Brico, Mon Lit Cabane, La Chaise Longue, Barbecue&co, Bexley, Agnès B, and more, expanding its partnership network in the payment sector with more than 20 new partners: service and payment providers (Adyen, Dalenys, PayPlug, Limonetik, etc.) and e-commerce modules (PrestaShop, Magento, Shopify, etc.). This expertise has made it possible to support its partners in the implementation of their new purchasing process (click & drive, click & collect, etc.) during the lockdown period.

What’s more, the online long-term loan offering is attracting more and more people, a good example being the Optic 2000 Group (Optic 2000, Lissac, Audio 2000), which has been gradually rolling out both the split payment and online long-term financing solutions since June.

Jean-Pierre Viboud, Chief Executive Officer of Oney comments: “Over the first half of 2020, our solutions and expertise have enabled us to support the rise of e-commerce in all its forms (web, drive, click & collect).  We’ve seen a 51% increase in production for split payment solutions during the confinement period, a trend that has remained almost stable since the lockdown eased. We have therefore validated our position as the French leader in instalment payment solutions and are getting closer and closer to our goal of becoming the European leader. To achieve this, over this first half of the year, we have continued to improve our product and service offering, simplifying the customer journey and strengthening our position in all of our countries, to offer international support to our partners. We are now ready to step up our growth, by rolling out our solutions in new countries between now and the end of 2020. We have also been focused on responding to the serious needs of our customers and retail partners in times of crisis, through exceptional measures and the unwavering dedication of all Oney employees. »

During the global health crisis, Oney's focus has been on supporting its employees, customers and partners

The first half of 2020 has been marked by an unprecedented health crisis, with major consequences for the economy on a global scale. Throughout this difficult time, Oney has been dedicated to providing support to its customers, partners and employees, as well as healthcare staff and patients, through human, organisational, financial and material support. This strong commitment is at the heart of Oney’s social responsibility policy for a fairer, more human, and more sustainable world. (see more here).

With regard to its customers, Oney’s main objective has been to stand alongside its most fragile clients during the crisis. As a result, nearly 800,000 customers have been supported in Europe and almost 300,000 have been actively contacted in France, to assess their situation and offer them some possible solutions, including:

  • Payment holidays, with almost 15,000 payment deferrals granted.
  • Putting them in touch with the Cresus organisation, of which Oney is a partner, to help customers manage their budget.
  • For certain customers in difficulty, debt restructuring proposals.
  • In several European countries, the implementation of moratoria for certain customers in fragile situations.

With regard to retail partners, Oney wanted to offer its support through several measures:

  • Support for popular distribution channels during the lockdown (e-commerce, click & drive, click & collect)
  • The creation of favourable conditions and commercial actions to help partners return to business once lockdown had eased.
  • The increase in the contactless payment limit to 50 euros before government announcements.

Oney is also proud to have contributed to other collaborative efforts, offering support to healthcare staff and patients:

  • The donation of 70,000 masks to several hospitals and medical centres in France.
  • A partnership with the Fondation des Hôpitaux de Paris – Hôpitaux de France, working alongside the Boulanger Foundation to deliver 2,200 tablets to hospitals and nursing homes.
  • Participation in the construction of a field hospital in Romania with Auchan and Leroy Merlin.

And last but not least, Oney has implemented a series of measures for its employees to support and protect them as best as possible during this difficult time: 

  • Anticipation of the situation with the implementation of hygiene and protection measures as early as 14 February (limitation of travel and meetings, more frequent disinfection, teleworking for “vulnerable” staff, etc.).
  • The teleworking of 95% of the 2,600 employees from 16 March in all European countries.
  • The introduction of an emotional support hotline open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

New employees also continued to be recruited during the lockdown period, joining the team remotely with all the support and equipment necessary to bring them on board in the best possible conditions.

These various measures and the commitment of the teams have allowed Oney to stay the course across all of its strategic projects for 2024.



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