Oney Bank continues its development in Europe and offers its split payment solution in Romania

Published on 14/12/20

Croix, December 14th , 2020 – Oney Bank, expert in payment, consumer credit and insurance solutions, continues its expansion in Europe with the launch of its flagship product, the “3x 4x Oney” split payment solution with Altex, the leader in electronic products in Romania. This offer is aligned with Romanian consumers’ needs of where the e-commerce market is booming and represents more than 4.3 billion euros, mainly in the IT and travel sectors. After France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belgium and Germany, Romania is the 7th country to offer the “3x 4x Oney”.

Present for 14 years in Romania, Oney Bank was already offering payment and financing solutions to Romanian consumers of the 51 Auchan and Leroy Merlin stores of the country. Oney Bank is now taking a further step forward by offering to Altex customers a proven solution:  the “3x4x Oney” split payment solution. With this new deployment, Oney Bank continues its ambition: becoming the European leader in split payment solution and expanding its range of solutions for its retail partners and its customers.

Split payment in Romania: an expected innovation

According to the Romanian Online Shops Association’s (ARMO), Romanians are increasingly using e-commerce for their purchases. Thus, this sector is booming and excessed 4.3 billion euros in 2019 and will exceeding the 5 billion euros threshold at the end of this year. Whether on mobile or desktop, the first sector in which they use e-commerce is for IT. Thus, Altex Romania has chosen the “3x 4x Oney” solution to meet its customers’ expectations, for its recognized high quality of service and its proven European expertise.

Online split payment is an innovation expected by Romanian consumers for their purchases as it is:

  • Fast: the request is received and processed in a few seconds and payment is made immediately afterwards,
  • Secure: the customer uses his own card, no other new card to open is requested and payment is made as a classic online payment,
  • Simple: no identification or other proof of identity or income is required.
  • Tailor-made for Romanian customers as payment is enabled using debit card, which is rare in Romania.

Thus the “3x 4x Oney” split payment solution meets Romanian consumers’ expectations. Leader in split payment in France, present in 6 other European countries (France, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Portugal) and trusted by more than 500 retail partners, Oney Bank has conquered the market with its “3x 4x Oney”. This 100% omnichannel solution has been designed to adapt to the desires and budgets of each consumer. In addition, Oney Bank’s expertise in secure payment and the fluidity of the purchasing process is used to create an innovative payment solution for the benefit of consumers and merchants.


For Julien Cailleau, Deputy General Manager, in charge of Customer Acquisition, Oney: “We are proud to offer the “3x 4x Oney” split payment to Romanian consumers with Altex, a leading partner in the Romanian market. Our longstanding presence on the Romanian market and the first results following the deployment of this solution prove that this meets a real need on the Romanian market. With this launch, we are continuing our European development by offering consumers and retailers a simple solution, adapted to the new purchasing paths. This launch in Romania is an important step in our ambition to become the European leader in split payment”.

For Edvin Abdulachim, Altex Commercial Director:”Beyond the guarantee of the lowest price in Romania for the products we make available to our customers, we also want to offer the guarantee of the best financing solutions. We are happy to bring more innovation among these solutions through “3x 4x Oney”, which allows any debit card holder, issued by any bank in Romania, to buy now from Altex in 3 or 4 installments. It is an alternative that will help us to respond much better and more personalized to people’s needs and thus ensure the most enjoyable shopping experiences.”

About Altex:

Altex Romania is the leader on the Romanian retail market, with over 120 stores open in the country. In over 29 years of challenges, Altex has gone from a local TV import business to the leader in the Romanian electronic, home appliances, IT&C and multimedia products market. Since its inception, Altex has aimed to offer quality products appropriate to consumer needs and affordable financing solutions.

Altex offers customers a wide range of small appliances, large appliances, cosmetics, perfumes, travel items, trolleys, baby products, children’s items, electric bicycles, used cars, laptops, TVs, telephones, software, vacuum cleaners , irons, air conditioners, games for PC and various consoles (such as PS or Xbox), gaming computers and many other products. The 2X difference service versus other online or offline stores ensures customers the lowest price in Romania.

To help its customers gain access to finance, Altex has set up Credex, a consumer credit company that offers optimal low-interest financing solutions for the purchase of items on the website and in the national network of stores.