ONE DAY, scanning will be the best way to eat well!

Published on 03/04/19

Self-scanning food apps are already part of our daily lives. According to a Kantar World Panel study published in September 2018, around 8% of consumers use self-scanning to shop well. It’s a phenomenon not without consequences for the content of our shopping trolleys…and for our products’ contents in the future.

Do you want some reassurance?

Following recent food scandals, concerns about healthy eating and spending, self-scanning apps have seen a real boom! Yuka, with 7.5 million users in France, is the star among stars and the reference point…but it has provoked some criticism.

Yes, we scan !

The Yuka app draws on the Open Food Facts database, an open access source which lists information about over 500,000 products. Based on this, the app combines the nutritional values and additives to produce a “nutri” score which recommends whether the product should be eaten or not.

From bad to excellent, good or mediocre, the app produces a complete info sheet about the product, without taking into account the user’s profile (for example, there’s nothing surprising about a sportsperson consuming more sugar!).

Buy or Not, the ethical diet app.

Buy or Not goes even further by adding an ethical dimension to the nutri score. When you scan the product, you know if it is good for you, good for the planet, respects its environment, its employees and is in line with its values.

In fact, you are not only told about the brand’s practices, you can join the campaign to boycott it. Once the campaign is transmitted to the brand, it’s incumbent on them to regain consumer trust.

Manufacturers are getting going!

Since the explosion of the smart phone, consumers have turned into consum’activists. They focus on information and action as they strive for a better life.

And it’s working! Faced with this self-scanning phenomenon, manufacturers are increasingly changing their recipes in order to comply with nutri scores.

Now more than ever, the customer is always right!

Photo credit : Yuka

Photo credit : Buy or not