One day, our whole wardrobe will be for rent!

Published on 26/08/19

If you’re going to have fun, you need the right outfit! The problem is that fashion changes, so does our taste and sometimes even our shape. What was to die for last Summer, just doesn’t look right any more.

There are 2 solutions: go shopping again or opt for a solution that is a growing success: rental.

#oneday would like you to try it on for size.

Possession versus use

The model isn’t new. Transport, household equipment, leisure…renting has already conquered a whole range of markets and users.

But where it might surprise you is when it comes to the clothes market. Who would have thought that it’s easier to hire a drill to make a few holes in a wall than it is to rent a dress or a pair of jeans? And yet…

For daily wear or that special occasion

As with many things, the market started out focusing on a niche area before branching out. 1ROBE1SOIR.COM (1 Evening 1 Dress), which specialises in designer dresses and accessories is a case in point. The site now offers nearly 700 references that can be rented for 4-8 days. Everything is included: dispatch, dry cleaning and return. The site offers a fashion consulting service by email or telephone to help customers make the right choice, and even offers a 2nd dress to try on when they are not sure which they prefer.

4 days renting an iconic Saint-Laurent dinner jacket will set you back €220, rather than the €2,500 it would cost to buy.

Bearing in mind that a designer dress will cost around 1.5 times more, the calculation is an easy one to make.

For babies too!

Another niche market: babies and maternity wear. That’s what MONLOUETMOI.FR is targeting.

The website is aimed at mothers and children aged between 3 months and 3 years. At a time when the body is changing constantly, and babies are growing fast, the site puts an end to filling the wardrobe with clothes that will only last a few months. Here too, everything is included: dispatch, cleaning and returns. The clothes are good quality, mainly from French designers, and stains and tears are taken into account. The little extra: you can buy the clothes at a reduced rate. Price-wise: for babies it’s around €20/month/item for 3 months’ rental and €15/month for 6 months. For mums: €9/month/item for 3 months and €7/month for 6 months.

Now everyone can try!

Launched in 2014 having gone through the incubator Paris-Dauphine, LE CLOSET went big from the start by offering the complete wardrobe for rental: from dresses to tops, for work and play.

Subscriptions start at €39 a month for 3 items of clothes and 2 accessories, and €49 for maternity wear. The start-up is firmly putting itself in the sustainable consumption and “zero waste” market.

And it works! Today the site has more than 10,000 subscribers.

Rent the Runway: the ideal

It is a moderate success in France, if you compare it to American cousin: Rent the Runway. Launched in 2009, the site has 9 million subscribers and a turnover of 100 million dollars.

In 2017 the company even opened its first physical shop and in 2018 signed a partnership with one of the American leaders in household linens (duvets, sheets, covers, curtains, cushions, etc.).

For the American market, it’s a way of going up against IKEA which is launching a rental service covering its whole range in a number of countries.

Photos credits : 1robe1soir, monlouetmoi, Le Closet, Rent the Runway