One day, our investments will save the world.

Published on 18/12/20

There could be no less than €89 trillion circulating in the world. 1 trillion is equivalent to one thousand billion. You can have fun writing out the number with all its zeros to get a feel for how big the number is.  But paradoxically, even if we’ve never been so rich, we are now confronted with problems so colossal that they could bring about the end of us all. That’s where TIME FOR THE PLANET’s idea to favour sustainable investment came from: perhaps to save us all.

Sustainable finance saving the world

“We are the last generation that can act against global warming”. This irrefutable statement appears on TIME FOR THE PLANET’s home page. But far from wanting to be alarmist, the website has chosen its battle which can be summed up in one phrase: raising €1 billion to create 100 companies that will fight global warming. The idea may be ambitious, some might say utopian, but it appears more necessary than ever given the emergency.

a lightbulb with dirt inside

Sustainable finance attacks the 20 major issues facing our planet.

Capturing greenhouse gases in factories, regenerating farmland, accomplishing energy renovation on buildings, making intelligent energy networks to manage demand. These are some of the 20 challenges identified that are needed to achieve carbon neutrality as soon as possible. The aim is to fund, using the €1 billion, the creation of companies which will be able to meet these challenges. To achieve this, TIME FOR THE PLANET invites us to choose sustainable finance.

Sustainable investment accessible to everyone.

There’s no need to be a wealthy or experienced investor to take part in the project. One euro is enough to buy one share and bring your vote for change. Launched in 2019 as a limited company, TIME FOR THE PLANET has set its target  in 2030 as the year to raise all the money and to reach the target of creating its 100th company. You can follow progress on the website. At the time of writing, the project has already gathered 4,300 partner shareholders, with big names in the world of science, business and sport, as well as anonymous participants, who have already raised more than €860,000. The first companies should see the light of day in 2021 because time is running out.

Sustainable investment for open source innovations.

Conscience of the urgency and the necessity of going fast to create and develop innovations, TIME FOR THE PLANET has chosen to apply open source principles. As the car industry did in its time, each company must make all the knowledge it accumulates available freely. The idea is to promote the use, adoption and, of course, improvement of new techniques and solutions and no doubt create common ground that will benefit all mankind.

The Bottom Line:

What if the way we used our money was indicative of the world we want to live in? That’s the question asked by TIME FOR THE PLANET, the first mission-led company completely dedicated to saving mankind which invites you to invest in sustainable finance.


Crédit photo : iStock, Time for the Planet.