One day, customer communities will seize power!

Published on 16/08/19

Brands have long sought to create communities to unite their customers. Now it’s the customers who are building communities and dictating their requirements to the brands. Revolution, or simply the next logical step in a world where the consumer holds the power more than ever before?

#oneday tells you more.

WIZZAS, the start-up that insures

It’s Summertime! Perhaps like many you will make the most of the holidays to indulge in your favourite activity, or to try out new ones: electric bikes, drones, golf…

But is your equipment well insured? What about you?

That is the question that WIZZAS has chosen to answer.

Faced with the emergence of new ways to consume, to take on new challenges or to get from A to B, the young start-up has chosen to focus on the community perspective.

The idea is really simple: regroup the insurance needs of communities of individuals, professionals or sportsmen to obtain the best rates from insurers.

That’s how Moustache Bikes joined the race.

Wizzas rides for Moustache Bikes.

Moustache launched in 2011 with the idea of creating bikes which would leave cars in the garage. These quality 2 wheelers, equipped with electric assistance, are suitable for all riding needs, urban or sport.

Little by little, the company realised that a lot of potential customers put the brakes on their purchase because they couldn’t find any insurance to protect this type of equipment which is in the €2,500 price range.

Listening to users.

Based on requirements expressed by bike owners, WIZZAS puts together its design specifications. These specifications are then submitted to a dozen or so insurers.

9 replied to the call for tender and 3 were retained. Rates range from €139/year to €336/year depending on which features are kept: with or without excess, adjustment for condition of bike after first year, accidental damage with or without excess…

The 30,000 Moustache bike owners can now choose to ride while well-insured!

WIZZAS is not planning to stop there. The company is already coming up with solutions aimed at directors and their assets or even at cyber-security.

But the phenomenon is reaching a growing audience.

Better energy for the community.

In 2014 the consumer protection group UFC-What to Choose launched an initiative entitled “Cheaper energy together.”

The idea: take advantage of competition opening up in the energy market to obtain the best conditions.

And it works! The operation started with gas in 2014 and has brought together no less than 142,000 subscribers. In the first year they obtained a 15.5% reduction on the price per kWh.

The operation was repeated in 2015, then 2016 and 2017, both for gas and electricity and included a green electricity alternative for the first time.

The operation is seducing more and more people (in 2017 there were 222,000 subscribers) and is reassuring. Consumers benefit from additional legal security by way of contractual conditions that protect them.

This Summer, the association is repeating the operation. An initiative which falls right at the time of a 6% increase on the regulated electricity tariff in France.

Photos Credits : Wizzas, Moustache Bike