“Blue Bird”orphanage at the heart of Oney Russia’s social project

Published on 13/09/18

Oney Russia is getting involved in professional guidance for orphans.

For more than one year, Oney Russia has been carrying out its social project aimed at supporting and assisting teenagers from orphanage in the field of career guidance. It turns out that after graduating children do not know that there is a variety of jobs and that one can always find something according to his/her their talents and preferences.

“We started with inviting children to ONEY’s office. We explained our work environment. Orphans also received trainings on “first job search” and “financial literacy”. There were three groups of visitors during one year. Employees actively participated in the meetings, where they shared their experience. Children liked to listen to those true stories and always had a lot of questions.”

— Olga Saraeva, HR Manager

Last month, the orphanage “Blue Bird” invited Oney Russia to visit them 100 km away from Moscow. This important event was supported by CEO Agnès GUYON-NIKITSKY. On June 27th, 15 collaborators went to visit children of Blue Bird with a surprise. They had developed a game similar to “Mafia” and called it “Sleeping City”. The aim of the game was to develop programs for education, medicine, police, finance and banks as well as social media, leisure and manufacturing. Most of the teenagers joined the game: the programs presentations turned out to be bright and cheerful. In the end, they had pizza together and talked a lot with the children. The latter did not get tired asking questions and opened up about their stories. Before Oney Russia’s departure, the collaborators were given a tour of the orphanage.

It was very touching to see the grateful eyes of the children and their tutors. Oney Russia agreed that it needs to continue cooperating with orphanages and meet with children more often.

Everyone benefited from this action !

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