Our job opportunities

Everywhere in the world we are changing and we are looking for new talents to complete our team. How about you?

Our job opportunities

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What is the Oney spirit?

We are 3,000 talents across the world, all driven by one mission: to give everyone the freedom to be themselves and to take action. The values that bring us together and which we bring to life everyday. Enthusiasm, Freedom and Respect.

Worldwild, we are looking for people who are keen to bring their talent and develop it with us. If you recognise yourself in our values, we have some great challenges for you.

We have great ambitions for us… and for you too!

Beyond a position, each of us has a role to play in realising our common project. So what will your role in our team be?

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Our HR commitments

To give everyone the freedom to choose to stay: we will make every effort to strengthen your internal and external employability, promote life quality, enjoyment in the workplace and encourage you to open up to the world.

To give us the means to be ourselves and to take action in a changing world: we work to develop autonomy and responsibility in our organisations, encouraging cross-disciplinarity, fostering testing and learning, being modern in our HR practices, and allowing everyone to be in harmony with themselves.

To have a positive impact on the world: we act to place our societal commitment at the heart of our development.

Bring together the talents needed for future developments: we anticipate employment needs and skills and strengthen our expertise in our strategic areas. For this, we are looking for skills as well as personalities.